Master The One-Needle “Pain GPS” Technique That Can Generate Thousands In Extra Monthly Revenue - In Just One Weekend

In just 2 days, world-renowned acupuncturist Dr. Thay Joe Tan teaches you how he delivers patients results in just minutes so they keep coming back -

And gives you 1:1 support to grow your practice for 12 full months!

Only 5 Spots Available Per Month !

Dr. Tan's GUARANTEE: "You Will Make Your Investment Back Within 6 Months Or Less* 
"You Will Make Your Investment Back Within 6 Months Or Less* 

Tired of Working More Hours to Stay Profitable?

You started your healthcare practice because you wanted to help people… But now you feel overworked and underpaid.
Do any of these sound like you?
  • First-time patients come in looking for a deal and never come back… 
  • You feel like you work all the time and are too tired for family and friends…
  • ​Your reviews online aren’t as good as you know they could be…
  • ​You wish you could get more referrals...
  • ​Your practice is stressing you out and your own health is declining…
Unfortunately, this is how most healthcare practitioners spend their entire careers. 
The good news? Making more money in your practice can be simple, and it doesn’t require working more hours.

You Need To Give Patients Jaw Dropping Results So They Keep Coming Back 

My name is Dr. Tan…
And as Founder and Director of one of Europe’s largest physician-led practices for acupuncture based in Stuttgart, Germany…
I know patients in pain are looking for a fast, easy solution.
And they’ll pay for almost anything that actually works.
Patients want…
  • To leave their FIRST visit confident that you will solve their problem
  • A specialist who knows exactly what they are going through and how to fix it
  • Jaw dropping results in a short amount of time
That’s why I spent hundreds of hours working with patients and studying natural health techniques.
Like acupuncture, massage, and herbal remedies...
And eventually I found one technique that offers most patients jaw dropping results...

Almost No One Is Offering This Powerful Pain-Management Technique… But Patients Are Happy To Pay More For It Where It’s Available

The fast, painless technique is a ONE-NEEDLE acupuncture method that helps most patients manage pain symptoms on their very first visit.
This technique...
Delivers near-instant results that keep patients coming back and paying more for their experience
Takes just a few minutes so you can see more patients in less time… and make more money
Can truly help change your patients’ lives-- and yours!
You can learn this revolutionary technique in just one weekend and start offering this premium service in just days from now…
And even get my personal, 1:1 support for one whole year to ensure you make your investment back…
And much, much more.

The TurboAcupuncture® Certification Masterclass
Is the Fastest Way To Generate More Revenue
In Your Healthcare Practice

The TurboAcupuncture® Certification Masterclass
Is the Fastest Way to Generate More Revenue
In Your Healthcare Practice

The TurboAcupuncture® Navigation system pinpoints pain, then leads like a GPS to the corresponding acupuncture point…

Often immediately reducing pain symptoms for the patient.

This is the EXACT system Dr. Tan presented at the United Nations Headquarters, New York, in 2019... THE new revolutionary gold standard in pain therapy and the global solution to pain!

Any practicing healthcare professional can learn and implement this technique in their practice, including
  • Medical doctors*
  • Naturopathic doctors
  • Acupuncturists
  • ​Chiropractors* 
  • ​Dentists*
...and anyone else with the proper licensure who wants to stand out from their local competition.
* might require additional certification and insurance depending on local laws

Here’s What Some Of My Students Have To Say...

Worked Perfectly On My First Patient

“I want you to know that I am able to relieve the pain in the first session, as you taught us. Thank you, Thay Joe, for sharing your great message with me."

-Nelly, MD 

Is Effective And Magical

“ Thank you for all your encouragement... I was more worried about letting people know how I could help."

-Iris, MD 

You are a source of knowledge and wisdom

"Thank you so much for your help. You are a source of knowledge and wisdom. I really appreciate that. My sciatica patient sent me a message this morning that he had a painless vacation. So the treatments were successful! The treatment went well and the patient walked without any pain. So really satisfied. I am so pleased and grateful to you. Thank you very much. And yes, I am impressed by your knowledge and your treatments. I just used [a TurboAcupuncture® point]... and yes, the results are very impressive and it's good to have the confidence that the treatment will work."" 

- MD

Able To Clear Pain In The First Session

"I want to let you know that I am able to clear pain in the first session as you taught us. Thank you very much Thay Joe for sharing your great news with me." 

- Dr. Nelly Naguib, ND (MD Egypt)

See How This Technique Can Be Life Changing  For Your Patients

"WOW! ... I'm painfree! THIS IS REALLY SPECTACULAR. I can't believe it ... I had tried everything ... Dr. Tan, with one needle ... within a few seconds ... the pain was completely gone."

"Dr. Tan, the man with the magic wand ... I'M BLOWN AWAY. The first time in 2,5 years that I feel no pain ... THIS GUY IS A REAL HEALER"

"I'm pretty impressed with this TurboAcupuncture®. This method got rid of my pain in seconds ... IT'S AWESOME ... COOLEST THING EVER!"

What Conditions Can TurboAcupuncture® Help Manage?

    • Head/Face*
    incl. eyes, nose, ears, migraine, cluster headache, trigeminal neuralgia
    • Tooth, Mouth, Jaw
    incl. tongue, TMJ
    • Throat
    • Neck / cervical spine
    • Back / thoracic spine / lumbar spine
    • Sciatica
    • Shoulder/Elbow/Wrist
    • Arm/Hand/Finger
    • Hip/Knee/Ankle
    • Leg/Foot/Toes
    • Nerve discomfort

    • Muscle discomfort
    • ​Tendon discomfort
    • ​Bone discomfort
    • ​Joint discomfort
    • ​Genital discomfort
    • ​Menstrual discomfort
    • ​Abdominal discomfort
    • ​Chest discomfort
    • ​Whole body discomfort
    • ​Scar discomfort
    • ​Skin discomfort
    • ​Acute* or chronic

    • ​​Continuous or recurring
    • With, without or
    • despite medication
    • Before, after or
    • despite surgery
    • ​Cause known or unknown*
    • ​With or without trigger
    e.g. wind, weather, stress, physical stress, pressure, menstruation etc.
    • Pain Scale 1-10
    • ​Pulling, pushing, burning, piercing, drilling, cramping
    • ​Or other, unknown

    What You’ll Receive Over 12 Months

    The TurboAcupuncture® Certification Masterclass LIVE Virtual Weekend ($14,997 Value)

    • Helps you master the technique of managing patients’ pain symptoms with just one needle
    • Taught by Dr. Tan personally
    • ​No previous knowledge necessary
    • 5 participants maximum

    One FREE Ticket To An In-Person LIVE TurboAcupuncture® Certification Masterclass ($14,997 Value) 

    • 2-Day hands-on training held multiple times per year worldwide (as soon as Covid19 related travel restrictions allow)
    • 5 participants maximum
    • Access given on first come first serve policy

    Bring Your Toughest Pain Patient To The LIVE Virtual TurboAcupuncture® Certification Masterclass 
    ($497 Value + Additional Revenue Generated)

    • Dr. Tan will personally help you assess and treat your patient during a virtual LIVE training
    • Dr. Tan will also personally recommend follow-up visits to your patient to help you generate recurring revenue
    *This usually requires up to 10 visits, which helps you generate more appointments. If you charge $120 per treatment session, that alone is a revenue of $1,200!

    A $2,000 Discount On A TurboAcupuncture® Breakthrough Implementation Day ($4,997 Value)  

    • After the workshop, Dr. Tan personally visits your practice to help assess and treat your patients
    • Dr. Tan will again personally recommend follow-ups to your in-practice patients to help you generate thousands in recurring revenue over the year

    One Full Year Of LIVE Virtual Video Coaching ($1,997 Value)  

    • Access live monthly video group calls to discuss business growth and pain management 
    • Bring specific cases to the call to get Dr. Tan's opinion and discuss as a group
    • ​Get access to the live calls, the replays, and the archive of past calls.

    One Full Year Of Unlimited Personal Email Support  ($1,997 Value)  

    • Get unlimited access to Dr. Tan's support via email for one year 
    • Receive personal support if you have any questions or need clarification about the course or technique

    PainfreeWOW!™ QuickFix Service Via Whatsapp ($4,997 Value)

    • Gives you real-time access to Dr. Tan so he can help you solve difficult pain cases
    • Get personal support with any patient on the spot - Dr. Tan will even show you where to put the needle!

    Personal Pain Management Sessions (PRICELESS!) 

    • Dr. Tan will help you with any pain, discomfort, or health challenges you are experiencing
    • Become part of the TurboAcupuncture® tribe!
    Are You Ready To Learn The One-Step Method Your Patients Are Waiting For?
    Here’s What Will Happen When You Say YES…
    When you apply for my exclusive TurboAcupuncture® Certification Masterclass and get accepted, you will be setting yourself apart from every other healthcare practitioner in your area.
    This powerful training also guarantees you make your investment back, plus so much more over the next 12 months.
    But it gets even better…

    When You Apply Today, You’re Automatically Entered In My BONUS $10K Challenge

    This special Zoom-hosted event fast-tracks you to making back your entire investment or more within the first 6 months of the program!
    Whether you’re a Chinese Medicine professional or would like to learn, this challenge is for you.

    That’s a total value of $44,479

    Plus massive additional revenue generated over the next 12 months.

    But I Can Only Take 5 Students Per Month...

    This all-inclusive, potentially life-changing training program and year-long 1:1 support would normally go for over $40,000.
    But you won’t pay anywhere near that for the training and 12-month support.
    I think it should be easy for you to grow your practice, and even easier for patients suffering with pain to get real results…
    You don’t have to keep offering the same services as everyone else.
    And if you don’t offer this service in your area now, soon someone else will.
    There are currently 1,500,000,000 pain patients in the world today who are looking for a solution just like this…
    And you can be the one to provide it at a high-end price.
    Plus, I guarantee if you do everything I teach and follow my advice, attend the video calls once per month, and do what I recommend and don’t make your investment back during our 12 months…
    I will support you as long as you are following my guidance until you make double your investment back. 

    Just click the link below to apply for a spot at the lowest price I’m offering it for right now.

    SPACE IS LIMITED - Only 5 Spots Per Month

    About Dr. Thay Joe Tan

    “There is nothing more rewarding for a doctor but to see his patient being released from pain…” - Dr. Tan

    Dr. Thay Joe Tan, MD PhD DMD is a Multiple International Award-Winning Acupuncture Expert On Instant Pain Elimination.

    He is the Founder of TurboAcupuncture® for Instant Pain Elimination and the Founder and Director of ONE of Europe’s largest physician-led practices for acupuncture based in Stuttgart, Germany, which has been awarded Pain Elimination and Global Doctor Training Center of the Year 2019, 2020, and 2021.

    He is also the originator of the T.A.N. (TurboAcupuncture® Navigation) system, which leads like a GPS from the location of pain step by step to THE ONE TurboAcupuncture® point which will most likely eliminate the pain instantly.

    Have Questions About The Program?

    Do I need to be a practicing healthcare practitioner to take this class?
    Yes. You must have the appropriate licensure to offer acupuncture. To find out if you can offer this practice, please check with your local board.
    Is this all online?
    The Masterclass is taken online, but you are also invited to the live event where I will personally guide you and a patient through this technique so you can leave feeling confident. You will also receive a full day of my support at your practice.
    Is this only for natural healthcare practitioners?
    No. Any practicing, licensed practitioner allowed to practice acupuncture can learn and offer this skill. In fact, this service perfectly complements traditional medical practices to give patients an alternative option for managing pain.
    Do patients always get results on the first visit.
    Most patients do, and it is rare that results will take multiple visits. However, I recommend up to 10 visits to completely rebalance the patient’s body and support their recovery.
    What if this doesn’t help me?
    I guarantee your success. I will support you as long as you are following my guidance until you make double of your investment back.


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